B. Toys - Whee Jams


After decades of making toys, a team of designer-friends at DoodleDo, in partnership with family-run manufacturer Battat, decided it was time for toys that made a difference. The result - delightful, eco-friendly toys that inspire individuality.

The look, feel and function of these beautifully designed toys let children B.musical, B.creative and B.inspired !


    Singalong and sleepalong tunes for any mood in any room.

    • A 3-in-1 retro-style radio.
    • Three light-up buttons play six songs.
    • Get silly with the ABCs, chill out with some reggae or drift off to sleep with some classical songs.
    • Rattle along with dangly bits that double as soothing teethers on the loopty loo.
    • Set the volume or turn off the tunes to keep the light show going.

    Dimensions: 5.2” x 1.2” x 6.6”