Comfort Series Maternity Pillow - UMORFIL® Beauty Fiber® (Celadon)

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Consider adding on a Baby Comforting Case Cover in 100% Tencel to convert your maternity pillow into a baby lounger (POPULAR CHOICE; HIGHLY RECOMMENDED).


Unique fabric technology breakthrough!

UMORFIL® is a new technology in amino acid bionic fibers. Its name originates from the combination of 'Umor' (Latin for moisture) and 'Fil' (French for yarn). This bionic fiber is skin-friendly, antimicrobial and durable.



  • a delicate softness to the touch
  • a cool-to-touch fabric that provides a smooth sensation
  • ultra skin-friendly
  • has deodorizing and antimicrobial properties
  • excellent anti-static feature
  • an environmentally sustainable option (biodegradable), boasting naturally occurring wicking feature (i.e. high sweat absorption)
  • great for sensitive skins; especially ideal for babies & the elderly
  • anti-aging, UV-protective properties


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Featured on TV!

Truly a must-have!!!

Ideal also for children + adults as bolster pillow!





  • Pillow case in 100% Tencel material, making it extremely comfortable and ultra-soft against skin.
  • Keep a spare case for in between washes.
  • Tencel fabric has excellent durability and is easy-to-clean, thus helpful when baby spits up milk.


  • With our cover, you can convert Hugsie maternity pillow into a baby lounger that keeps your child safely and comfortably nestled in a resting position, while also being able to interact with the world around him or her.
  • The special shape of Hugsie Baby Pillow can assist with preventing baby's milk reflux and the soft headrest may help to prevent flathead. The ultimate in comfort is just a bonus!


Watch this video to see how Hugsie can be easily transformed into Baby Comforting Pillow!