Bambam Kids

Playmat in Twilight Blue & Herringbone Gray

$199.50 $249.00

FAMILY SIZE: 200cm × 140cm × 15mm thick

TPU play mats that are plush, easy to clean, sustainable, safe. Inspired by kids, and designed for the family.


  • Herringbone Gray - The stunning, delicate hand-illustrated herringbone detailing of this creamy cool grey play mat will sit with quiet beauty in your family home. A minimalist design that definitely works well with both traditional and contemporary interiors.
  • Twilight Blue - Think of that boundless blue evocative of the infinite night glow. This calming shade works beautifully as an accent in a lighter interior or blending into a more sumptuous space. When the sun peeks out of the sky with its rays. Will you continue to dream, or will you wake up and do some morning stretches? Our Twilight Blue plush mat lets you do both.


Bambam Kids Play Mat

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