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Introducing Special Group Offers!

Based on increasing feedback of #goodthingsmustshare spirit in the BabynatureCo. community -

Enjoy BabynatureCo.com Special Group Offer in three easy steps:

Step 1: Start The Group

Choose your preferred deal and start the group by placing an order first.

Step 2: Share The Group

Share the Special Group Offer link with your friends to complete the deal.
**Make sure orders are made via your personalized unique shared link to complete the deal.

Step 3: Buy Together, Save Together!

Save with your friends when the Special Group Offer is successful within stipulated hours or the remaining limited time period of the deal.


Learn more about the Terms & Conditions -

1. Successful Special Group Offer: A customer will first start the deal by making payment to reserve the product and share the deal with friends, to get the required number of people to join the deal and make payment within the stipulated time period for the Special Group Offer orders to be successful.

Strictly no promo codes / Baby Smiles / Referral codes to be utilized for Special Group Offers.

2. No cancellations will be allowed for successful Special Group Offer(s).

3. Each Special Group Offer will be sent to customers as per each unique order number in our system.

4. Once a Special Group Offer has been started, customers will have stipulated amount of time left from the timed deal, whichever that ends earlier, to share the Special Group Offer, and find the required number of people to join the deal.

5. Cancellations:

a) Unsuccessful Special Group Offer: The required number of people (slots) needed for the deal is not met within the stipulated time period of the Special Group Offer and/or when the item is out of stock.

b) Payment: In order to minimize the effect of unsuccessful Special Group Offer(s) and to allow for more customers to get the chance to secure a Special Group Offer, we may oversell our Special Group Offer products. In the event of an overselling situation, we will honour successful Special Group Offer orders based on a first-come-first-serve basis, while stocks last. All other orders will be considered unsuccessful and a refund process will be initiated.

6. Refunds: For each unsuccessful Special Group Offer, BabynatureCo.com will refund full payment amount to customer.

7. BabynatureCo.com reserves the right to amend, update or terminate any ongoing promotions, terms and conditions, or features of Special Group Offer without prior notice.