Sunglasses are essential in keeping eyes safe from UV damage, and J-Flex provides 100% UV protection for your child.

Plus J-Flex sunglasses are super durable and flexible! It's totally fine if your cheeky child bends them, twist them with all their might!




A Singapore brand.

Ever wonder why Mom & Dad wear Polarized sunglasses, but they are not offered for the kids? Well, here they are.

This range of aviator-styled sunglasses come with polarized lenses to reduce glare for your little one's eyes. These anti-glare lenses increase visual clarity, reduce eye strain and enhance contrast; thereby helping babies and kids see more clearly when they’re playing under strong sun, near water, or any reflective surface.  

He/ She will love its cool colours and patterns! The carrying case clips easily onto a diaper bag or stroller to keep your shades protected.