Most natural transition between breastfeeding and bottle

Umee BPA-free bottles provide a steady flow of liquid to the baby only when they suckle. This allows babies to use the most natural feeding behavior they learn at the breast to seamlessly transition to bottle feeding.   

Unique air vent system from The Netherlands


The advanced ultra-sensitive UMEE air vent eliminates excessive air flow so baby ingests more milk and less air. The anti-colic vent design enables complete control over the liquid flow, and prevents teat collapse. It is a one-piece vent, with no extra parts; ensures optimal use every time you feed while allowing for an easier and faster clean. Plus, the easy latch-on soft teat mimics the natural flex and softness of a mum's breast. 


Coupled with the UMEE Insulator that maintains the ideal liquid temperature like breast milk, clinically proven! Your baby can enjoy a healthy and more natural feeding experience. WHY WE LOVE UMEE, HIGHLY RECOMMEND!

Premium bottle made of Polyphenylsulfone (PPSU) material with high heat resistance and excellent durability. Superb efficacy at a practical price!

Umee is the best bottle choice of mothers when they want to switch back-and-forth from breast to bottle or transition off the breast completely.