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How Bosomi has evolved to be Korea's No. 1 diapers brand

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Because diapers are on the sensitive baby skin 24 hours a day, Bosomi has made their products with a mother’s dedication to provide safer and softer diapers for babies. With 100% U.S. cotton materials and upgraded absorption power, Bosomi Real Cotton Diapers protects your baby’s skin to stay as fluffy as the clouds.

Product Details:

Amazing Breathability – 360-degree Air Cover
The 360-degree Air Cover emits residue humidity in the diaper to keep them fluffy. *The diaper exterior become humid when it is emitting humidity from the interior. Change the diaper when it happens.

Complete Leak Blockage – Double-up Leg Band
The safety guard and leg band keep the urine from leaking to the side and make diapers look better

Twice the Elasticity – Double Stretching Cotton Band
The Double Stretching Cotton Band means the diapers comfortably fit your baby’s size.

More Fashionable – Ultra Slim Fit
Light as air and more comfortable than anything! Bosomi Real Cotton makes your babies look comfy in their clothes, without the awful bulges.

Convenient – Urine Alert Line
The Urine Alert Line changes to blue colour to let you know when to change the diaper.

Our verdict: Offers advanced leak protection, cloud-like comfort and stylish prints that keep your baby dry, comfy, and happy on life's daily adventures!

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