Brand Story

Hugsie originated from an American saying which means "to hold tightly". Our products were made to fulfill its purpose to let users hold on tightly while sleeping to feel the comfort and sense of safety. We sincerely hope we can bring a better sleeping quality while pregnant mothers experience the wonderful process of nurturing a new life.

During the process of pregnancy whereby tummy grows bigger, it becomes hard to find a suitable position to sleep, and bad sleeping positions often leads to serious cramps or backaches. If the sleeping quality of pregnant mothers deteriorates, their daily life is adversely affected, and it might affect the growth of the baby in the tummy.

Commonly seen pregnancy pillows are mostly designed for breastfeeding, and even if you use it as a hugging pillow, it gives little support to the lower part of the body and also not enough support for the tummy. Our products are comfortable and ergonomically designed; most mothers don't suffer from cramps anymore after using our pillow, and has finally found a good support for their tummy, bringing them the best sleeping quality ever! We believe in high quality production and yet affordably priced. We hope that all mothers can happily welcome the birth of their precious baby with a great sleeping experience during the pregnancy journey.



Hugsie has patents approved in various countries and we use the advantage of Taiwan as a country famous for its textile industries to ensure the best materials are used for our products.


An Obstetrics and Gynaecology Doctor Approved Brand!

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Latest Media Feature by Taiwan based Australian Celebrity Dominique Choy(蔡詩芸,@dizzydizzo), Wife of Sunny Wang(王陽明)



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