Straight-frame Baby Play Yard With Door Set 10 Panels in Ivory - 210×140×65cm (*Mat is sold separately*)

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Fits exact with 210 x 140cm play mats of miscellaneous Korean brands! 👏 Guaranteed ready stocks, no need to wait! 👏 Fits exact with 210 x 140cm play mats of miscellaneous Korean brands! 👏 Guaranteed ready stocks, no need to wait!

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Your search ends here! ANURI Baby Play Yard With Door 10P is designed to match any contemporary homes perfectly! This high quality Baby Room set is made with careful consideration. You'll love our latest avant-garde design in STRAIGHT FRAME, inspired from wood.

  • Internal 210 x 140 x 65cm (Length x Width x Height) 10 panels comprising of 1 Door (70cm), 9 Play Yard Panels (70cm)
  • Height of each panel is 65cm; the best ideal guard-height (based on years of R&D research and experience in baby industry).
  • Very sturdy. Easy to assemble in 5 minutes – no tools required. No sharp edges making it safe for young children.
  • Babies and toddlers can play, rest, or roll around without the need for the full attention of a caregiver. For a peace of mind or when you’re more preoccupied!
  • Credible material safety certifications + Enhanced Product Safety Features (little hands & legs wouldn't get caught as easily due to well-researched wide gap and children couldn't climb out easily.)
  • Baby-safe. Made of High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) - a safe material for your baby even if he or she lick, chew or suck it.
  • Expandable structure. Simply get extra set of panels to extend and expand, as desired.
  • 100% Made In Korea. Responsibly sourced, produced & packed in Korea. (p/s: beware of second-hand yard panels or unreliable materials that can be recycled old plastics.)

Comes complete with safety accessories (4 corner locks + 6 panel locks) so you need not top-up $$$ for additional purchases. Super sturdy and secured; doesn't tip easily.

The entire set is in a gorgeous contemporary neutral tone of Ivory! Plus, the safety door panel also blends into the same color tone. With its double-lock safety feature and anti-slip base, it is not easy for baby to unlock from the inside.

Yard panels are designed with child's safety in priority. Kids' limbs or head wouldn't get stuck in holes or midway-height designs (such as stars, circles, squares, animals, etc).

Super easy to assemble. 100% Made In Korea, highest quality assurance.

The ONLY play yard that has Bioshield 75 anti-microbial, durable protection coating. This non-toxic, child-safe protection not only inhibits mold, mildew, algae, and bacteria, but also prevents discoloration of product.

 Anuri Play Yard 10P



 Anuri 10P yard only 210 x 140cm



p/s: Random small black spots might occur during blow molding manufacturing process. This rare natural occurrence happens randomly during manufacturing. This is not a defect and cannot be used as a reason for return. The product is 100% safe to use.