Childcare Needs - Stackable Cots

$125.00 $139.00

stackable cot singapore

No need to assemble, and is lightweight for easy handling. Its high stability prevents accidents and it does not tip over. Stackable cots can save your storage space too.
Easy to wipe & clean for maintenance. Sturdy cots are constructed with powder-coated steel poles, durable plastic corners, and a breathable stretch-resistant mesh that’s tightly fitted to the frame with minimal gaps to protect little fingers and toes. Children can stretch and get comfy during their nap, while feeling stable on the taut breathable mesh. 

Size: 140 x 55 x 12 cm

Provider for childcare needs. Email us to inquire,

20 units and more, quotation shall be provided. Cot carrier (steel, with TPE multi-directional easy-to-push roller wheels) for 24 cots also available.