Umee U Cool straw cup, Penguin Cup 360ml (Blue)

$20.90 $26.90

Umee (the Netherlands)

Specially designed to make it an easy transition from bottles or breast feeding

Umee U Cool straw cup (Penguin Cup) is the best drinking solution specially designed for children! The ball and straw system is to enhance a better and easy drinking experience for 360 position. A leak-proof valve inside the tube reduces leaks and spills even if the spout is in the 'open' position. The unique Penguin-shaped straw cup and the ergonomics of handle design make it fun for the children and aids in proper tongue placement and development of Oral Motor Skills.
  • Size : 360ml / 12oz
  • BPA Free
  • Complies with EN14350
Recommended Age : From 6 Months & Above

Why we love Umee

The cup is adorably cute! Your child will love the whimsical charm of the Umee Penguin Cup for water, milk, or juice.