Hanil OSRAM UV Lamp (Made in Italy)


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Poled pixel - more powerful UV LED technology than Hanil.

Poled Pixel uv led sterilizer - colorsPoled Pixel uv led sterilizer - mellow green


Note: Discount codes are strictly NOT applicable for HANIL spare parts. Top up is required for any discounted amount.


Hanil UV Sterilizer Dryer is the NO. 1 UV Sterilizer!

Not only has it won many awards, it’s also used in the top infant centres and nursery wards in Singapore.

Proud partner of the leading maternity hospital Thomson Medical in Singapore -


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Replacement UV-C lamp for HANIL UV Steriliser Dryer (OSRAM, Made in Italy).

Note: HANIL Steriliser Dryer uses 2 UV-C lamps. Emits blue light, for UV-C sterilization. Recommended to change yearly for optimal efficiency.


Poled Pixel is better, more powerful than Hanil