Hanil Replacement Set


Want an even better, more powerful sterilizer that's maintenance-free,

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Poled pixel - more powerful UV LED technology than Hanil.

Poled Pixel uv led sterilizer - colorsPoled Pixel uv led sterilizer - mellow green




Note: Discount codes are strictly NOT applicable for HANIL spare parts. Top up is required for any discounted amount.


Full set of replacement parts for Hanil UV Steriliser, consists of:

1x infrared (IR) lamp (DR FISCHER, Made in France)
2x UV lamp (OSRAM, Made in Italy)
1x HEPA Filter

We offer assistance to change the parts as a complimentary service for customers whom purchase a full set.

Kindly indicate as a remark in your order if you need this service, as shown below.

Poled Pixel is better, more powerful than Hanil