Kiddyloo Toilet Trainer

$85.90 $94.90

Your child can use the toilet like a grown-up!

Ideal for a safe toilet-training thanks to its enveloping shape and its non-skid pads. Practical, it is foldable and easy to store.

- Ergonomic handles
- Adjustable step
- Adjustable feet-height
- From 18 months
- Product composition: Polypropylene
In compliance with required safety standard. Made in France.

Product dimensions 40 x 34.4 x 20.5 cm 



“I'd seen a few of these step seats before and they all wobbled about on the toilet. My son is quite cautious but he was quite at ease getting up onto the step of this one and seemed very happy to sit on the toilet for a while.” – Sarah

"My oldest son was never fond of learning to use the "big people's toilet" so we started out with a potty which sat on the floor. My son would use this initially but it wasn't so great for me, as it meant I needed to clean & sterilise after every use and it was rather time consuming. So I moved onto this toilet seat rather quickly and my son loved it from day one. He is generally frightened of anything new he has to climb so I was surprised he loved it after showing him how to step up just once. He is 3 now and still likes to use it, sets it ont o the toilet all by himself and climbs and sits. Would highly recommend this brand as the handles make it safe for him to climb and for him to hold onto. I've even had other mums ask where they could get this as their children loved using it at my place." - Aussie mum

"If you have a child who is a bit apprehensive, get a KiddyLoo! It sits very well and stable on top of a toilet, legs are adjustable, very easy to clean and pop on a toilet. You will not regret buying it! My son, who tends to be scared / apprehensive about almost anything new, climbs up the kiddyloo on his own without any hesitation! Toilet training is stressful enough, you don't need a cheap plastic to make it harder for you." - Kimberly



  • Kiddyloo is the sturdiest potty trainer on the market
  • Fits all standard toilets - Legs are height adjustable., foot step has two height positions.-
  • Toddlers love to sit on great way to copy mom and dad, Easy to clean, easy to use, easy to store.
  • Contoured handles give toddlers something to hold on to feel more secure.