Marshmallow Braid Bumper Guard

$69.90 $89.90

Every mother knows how important it is to protect her baby in the crib!

It is very common for the kids, during day or night, to get their hands or feet stuck between crib spindles or bump their heads against the crib walls. Such occurrences are sure to irritate the baby and alarm the parents!

Our Marshmallow Braid Bumper Guard comes in a beautiful soft Scandinavian colour that is sure to perfectly match your nursery decor, making it unique, modern and full of colour!

  • Protects your baby against bumps and bruises.
  • Perfect to place on the sofa, car seat, balcony bench, in bed, dressing up your home with this beautiful bumper guard.
  • Made with supersoft polyester fibre & stuffed with premium non-bleached cotton. Safe for both babies & mummies!
  • Size: 360cm*17cm*6cm
  • Whimsical colour combination of pastel yellow, pink, mint & white
  • Not recommended to machine wash as the colour might bleed into the white, spot clean when necessary.

Goes well with Ggumbi bumper beds / Family Guard sets / World Guard sets / Emotion Baby Room sets, playmats and any baby cot beds.