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Musicbox - ZOË the Penguin

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Zoë the penguin is a portable music box, nightlight and wireless speaker in one. Zoë has pre-programmed songs, like heartbeat, white noise and lullabies, but you can also play your favourite music or stories via the wireless speaker. The tiny nightlight will keep your child company in the dark. With Zoë the penguin at your side, going out with your little one gets to be so much easier. 

Zoë is very compact, so easy to take along. The nightlight has 2 brightness settings and the sound volume can be adjusted. Furthermore, Zoë is equipped with both an auto shut-off timer, which will automatically switch off the sound and light after 20 minutes and a sound sensor which switch back on the sound and/or light when your child is crying. You can play unlimited songs & stories via your phone for either your little one and maybe even for yourself.

Some testimonials from parents:

"We use Zoë's wireless speaker to let my daughter hear her favourite lullabies. 
What a great invention!"

"My baby loves the heartbeat sound. She falls asleep in no time after putting it on."

"It's ideal that this cute penguin can comfort my son very quickly wherever we are."

"This light is ideal for our daughter who wakes up often during the night being scared or having nightmares. The soft light being activated automatically upon sound really comforts her." 




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Technical Info

• Operated by a rechargeable battery & USB cable (included)
• Measurements: 16 x 10 x 5 cm
• Zoë is tested according to international regulations
• Age recommendation: As of 0+ months.